Unclog Your Natural Beauty with Monthly Facials

Unclog Your Natural Beauty with Monthly Facials

For thousands of years, people have been applying facial treatments in an attempt to smooth their skin and reveal the natural beauty underneath the dirt and grime of everyday life. The ancient Egyptians, for instance, used a combination of essential oils, herbs, and clay to achieve cosmetic facial treatments which enhanced the beauty of royal princesses, anointed queens and the sacred priestesses of the sun. And although beauty standards have gone in and out of fashion throughout the ages, one thing remains constant—a healthy face is a beautiful face.

The result of regular facial treatments is a visually healthful approach to beauty. In the course of our busy lives, our faces are subjected to so much in the way of dirt and grime, smog and pollution. Just hopping on the subway or driving on the highway results in a barrage of impurities. Although a nightly cleansing routine is essential for removing the superficial detritus of a busy life, some of the day’s impurities inevitably remain and are absorbed into the skin—causing blemishes, blackheads and blotchiness. And while many of us feel that facial treatments are something of a luxury, in truth they can, and should, be incorporated into our regular health routines.

Since the tradition of cosmetically enhancing facial treatments dates back to ancient times, it can be hard to understand why they aren’t part of our regular health regimen—like going to the dentist or having an annual physical check-up. In Europe and Asia, facial treatments are a customary ritual— generally performed on a monthly basis and ensuring that each day is met with a clean, clear and healthfully-glowing visage. Apothecarial traditions are strong in these regions, with many beauty treatments developed using fresh, local ingredients from recipes that become more refined with each passing year.

The Many Benefits of Preventative Facial Treatments

Although many techniques exist to help correct flawed skin, the best medicine is always preventive. A regular routine of facial treatments will keep your skin healthy and naturally beautiful, reducing the need for more intensive treatments. Not only are facial treatments essential to maintaining clean and beautiful skin, they also help deflect the effects of aging, stimulating collagen production to aid in maintaining a smooth, wrinkle-free visage.

Facial treatments allow the skin to cast aside the dirt and impurities that clog pores and mar the pristine beauty of clear skin. These innovative treatments can be developed to address all skin types and conditions, providing deep cleansing solutions, calming balms, and invigorating tonics as needed. A regular routine of deepened skin care will allow your skin’s natural beauty to pierce through the slough of dirt and grease that superficial cleansers can only begin to clear away.

So, if you’re serious about naturally beautiful skin, add facial treatments to your monthly beauty regimen. They will help give clogged pores the deep cleaning necessary to maintaining a pure, effervescent, healthful glow that is universally attractive and desired. The renewed health of your skin will also help defy the effects of aging—keeping you looking your youngest, most vibrant self, year after year.

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